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Grinspoon and me go way back….

Back at the end of the last century. This band broke out onto the Australian music scene regularly being played on the Australian radio station Triple J and I instantly fell in rock and roll love.
One of my favourite song was dead cat 3 times which was a song written about a dead cat that was on the side of the road that they passed regularly on the way to gigs. Well so they once said in an interview. It was a rocking song.

I certainly followed these guys and took a few knocks along the way. Another cool oldskool tune is Just Ace and this is a real good video from the Big Day Out Festival in Australia I lived in Perth West Australia and so was very isolated from seeing them play as they were always on the east coast. So I went to see them instead, once in Brisbane and once in Sydney.

For the Brisbane Festival I dragged my friend all the way there too. It was a brilliant festival not for my friend though as soon as she got there realised the music was not her cup of tea and left but I felt the love of her commitment to come with me. So that day was just me the music and Grinspoon.

At the other festival in Sydney, another great festival, tragedy happened..’Oh no’ I hear you gasp?

Well the story is,  I made sure I was right down at the front eagerly anticipating the bands entrance. They came, they rocked and halfway through the first song with me leaning on the barrier, some bloody fat, huge, monstrous bloke landed on top of me when he was crowd surfing. I was sandwiched between him and the small metal cylinder on the top of barrier.
It bloody hurt and had to be pulled out by the security.

Well it hurt but I tried to be tough… And failed… Every time I sneezed I collapsed in agony and 2 days later I woke up and found I couldn’t breath, fuck I thought I must have a broken rib…. Well no I didn’t. After a trip to the doctors I found I had a bruised sternum that’s all. Not so rockin roll.

Grinspoon will be playing at the Sonisphere Festival I can not wait.. I still love you Grinspoon, can’t wait to catch up again but I will seeing you at the back.

Heres a video for the Sonisphere festival, a sneak preview of what is to come

Its going to be one hell of a festival…