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Posted: Wednesday March 30th 2011 in Uncategorized
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This week  I am  well on my way to putting the last 2 years of what I have learnt in University into practice. I will admit its great fun, although I am comparing this to doing 2 dissertations, 3 essays, 1 literature review, a presentation, and a portfolio all to be completed within the next 3 months….     Now breath…

Digital Marketing takes a long time! So far  in one week, I have completed 10 hours of researching bands and club nights to target and now I will spend an hour each day  uploading links on these pages aswell as annoying all my friends on facebook asking them to upload links for me too. This is added to 8 hours of flyering outside these club nights, gigs, the london protests last weekend, bars and shopping areas. AND on these flyers I have to write codes on them…. remember the code SF96L if you purchase a ticket for the Sonisphere Festival do it here at… and enter that link to win prizes and help me to earn a little money to pay off my student loan… These codes have so far taken 2 hours to write a stack of flyers 13cm high…. I have 2 boxes to do.

What have I earnt $$$  for this? So far free entry into a club and a couple of drinks but there are incentives like free tickets etc and by god I am trying but with only being able to cover a limited area with a limited amount of time due to uni I’m not liking my chances..

But all this work is great for the festival as they have hundreds of people all over the UK doing exactly the same. The music industry can be very clever! Lets just hope they notice me and all the hard, almost free work that I put in and will then one day, hire me……

I shall keep you posted

Please check out my labour of love. I am doing this for the Sonishphere Festival, one of the biggest festivals in the UK, where some of the biggest rock gods will be playing so it is worth it….

And this is a pretty cool video unfortunately this site can’t let you upload links from MUZU TV so here is the link


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