Im a Sonisphere Virgin, so please, break me in gently.

Posted: Friday March 25th 2011 in Uncategorized
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‘Who is the Sonisphere Virgin?’ I hear you ask.

Well I am an undergraduate who is studying all things live music events, especially promotion, project management and the environmental sustainability of live events.

My interests are; festivals. I love festivals, I love going to them and I would love to work in them and this leads me to here, my first ever blog. I wish to discuss all things festivals, to meet and create a community with similar interests.

Festivals are very expensive so this year I am trying different ways in order to get to go to the festivals and to work at the festivals. It’s a dream job really, to have fun at work, create a great experience for thousands of people and get to see all the live music. Cant ask for much more..

So… in order for me to hopefully make it to Sonisphere this year for the first time, I have joined their Sonisphere’s Ambassadors program. I have to try to get all you ugly mugs out there to buy tickets using my special code (student finance does not seem to stretch to festivals these days). I’m doing this not only to get me some free tickets I am hoping to put all of my university work into practice ( yes I actually did some study) and try to do a little bit of concert/festival  promotion. I will let you know how I go as I go along..

So when purchasing tickets if you enter this code: SF96L at this link you can have the chance to win loads of prizes, 2x rock royalty tickets, backstage tour, guest access passes and a trip for 2 to the festival in Poland including flights and transfers. WOW. I wouldn’t mind the backstage tour.


Other than that I look foward to writng my new blog…


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